E u p h o r i a




Euphoria is an editor taiored for LaTeX editing. That's its true power. To target the use context. Many general editors have support for LaTeX ranging from color highlighting to more advanced stuff. This editor is small, easy to use and small enough that if you wish to code a bit on it, that is an option as well. Downloads and more info at sourceforge.

Finished goals of the editor

  • Easy region editing such as moving a section or chapter or out commenting a region
  • Table of content tree
  • Graphical overview of documents-eg based on text analysis
  • Compile log viewer / integrated so can jump to the doc. when clicking errors (needs improvements)

yet to be reached Goals of the editor

  • Table/equation editor (someone is working on it)
  • Spellchecking (someone is working on it)
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Autocompleteion of LaTeX commands
  • Speedtyping suggesting commonly used words--eg with speed selection.. so 1-5 chooses the word rather than the cursor key
  • Multiple view editing e.g. TOC
  • Grammar checking
  • Simple markup support such as bold, italic and colors
  • Bookmarks in the document
  • Fullscreen support
  • CVS/SVN support
  • distributed editing through the net and using several editors


v0.30 Bugfixes and yet more features.

v0.20 Bugfixes and a handfull of features and more graphics included

v0.11 Bugfixed three small things...

v0.10 Alpha version is released. Coded solely by Kasper B. Graversen


Its free... In time the product may become in such a state that you could concider donating $5 to the project team.

Also consider that following the adds on the bottom of the screen will give small amounts to the project (but I guess it only works if 100000) press the links ;-)

Join the fun

There is always room for one more on the team. If you want to contribute in any way, please drop me a note. cheers.


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